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Monday, January 3, 2011

spousal abuse |donating to charity

I must truly say that giving to those in need gives one a feeling of warmth and satisfaction. I recently gave some money to a local charity that helps kids and their families who are less fortunate than myself. if Christmas time is meant to be a time of giving then I personally feel better that I have given to someone in need.

Money is no doubt a necessity in today's world, but giving to others is also a necessity. In a previous relationship it was take, take, take, and keep it all to ourselves. Since finally having the courage to  leave a verbally abusive relationship and move on to a more respectful relationship I have started to discover who I really am as a person. As I form new relationships and meet new friends I am now understanding how bizarre my former relationship was. It is unfortunate but it is sometimes difficult to see there is a more peaceful way to live. it has been almost two years since i finally choose to live in a different way than I had been accustom to all those years.  What a relief to look back and realize that I haven't been yelled at or screamed at in a couple of years now. Thank God. No one deserves to live in that abusive type of relationship. Although moving on is difficult it is one of those times where a new start is now possible. it means turning obstacles into opportunities.

Being free from a verbally abusive relationship is allowing me to grow and become a better person. The person that I always knew I was, even through all the turmoil, frustration, emotional abuse and verbal abuse. I will be a survivor and I crossed another bridge by giving a donation to an organization that helps people in need.

I would be really interested in hearing about your abusive type relationship and how you finally broke free from the clutches of your verbally abuse mate.


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