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Sunday, December 18, 2011

change is good

If you have been living in an emotionally destructive environment then change is good. When you eliminate the anger, rage and verbal put downs that are associated with an emotionally destructive partner, co worker, or friend then you start to gain a new perspective of your life. There is no doubt that emotional stress relates to many problems such as your health and personal well being. Being free from this environment allows you to dream of how you want to life your life in a meaningful manner. Nobody that has endured this type of behavior will say it was simple to move on. The destruction of a family is heartbreaking to all those involved. Being able to believe in your own ability to carry on is a key factor in regaining your confidence. There is no standard time limit to the recovery process. We all react differently and it depends on your own situation. When one leaves an emotionally destructive environment and starts to realize how crazy it was, good things start to happen. New relationships are formed and new friends are discovered. You are never alone, there is always someone willing to help.

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